Smoking & Alcohol Consumption in Mauritius

Information about Smoking and Alcohol in Mauritius

Smoking and Drinking Prohibited in Public Places since 1 March 2009


Feel of a good smoke?

If you stick to your (international) brand, just abuse from the fact that there is a Duty-Free-Shop at the airport on arrival!

And for sure, if you can avoid it: don’t buy cigarettes in a restaurant or hotel: the supplement kills.

You like your small aperitif on the balcony / terrace? Don’t forget what I told you about the Duty-Free-Shop at the airport on arrival.

Just bring some for you (stay in the legal limit…): imported spirits have high duties and are very expensive.

You like beer?

Try ‘Phoenix’ or the little stronger ‘Blue Marlin’. Since a couple of months the German beer ‘Warsteiner’ is also brewed in Mauritius, also Guiness and new on the market “Black Eagle”.. Wine is quiet expensive because it has to be imported.

You will find in some shops so called local wine. Never seen wine-grapes on this island. And I can assure you, the wine tastes accordingly. Better try the light South-African wines like ‘Blouberg’ or ‘Neederburg’ or French wines.

But the main local drink is still the rum. From simple (Goodwill) to very good (Green Island); pure, with coke (very local way of enjoying) or in cocktails – every version is welcome.

Mauritius is not only the country of alcoholics: we are also not so different from the rest of the world: we get Pepsi and Coca Cola and all their products at every corner. But the prices are still fair.

Mauritians prefer still water (Vital, Crystal or Mauricienne), but sparkling water is available.