Ordering Groceries & Food Online during Coronavirus


Order Food Online During Coronavirus Lockdown in Mauritius

If you can, it’s best to order food online, experts say. Delivery services dramatically reduce your contact with other people since since you have contactless payment, it’s packaged elsewhere and the food is left outside your home.

We have provided the necessary information about Supermarkets and Food Delivery, and we hope Mauritians will be able to get through this together. Below are websites providing online shopping during the lockdown period.

Where Can You Order Online?


  • Dreamprice.mu
  • Foodmoris.com
  • Ordermanzer.mu
  • Priceguru.mu
  • Shopwise.mu
  • TheShop.mu
  • Winners.mu


Fish and Seafood

  • Hassentaherseafoods.com

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Farmbasket.co
  • Eshop.mu


  • Ordermanzer.mu

Bio Food

  • Lavieclaire-boutique.com

How to Order Online?

Below are some guidelines on how to order groceries and food online in case you need a refresher or haven’t ordered online before.

We hope the below guide will help you buy your groceries and food online in Mauritius during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

What You Will Need

Most of the websites above are actively working to make online shopping accessible to everyone. Some may offer payment on delivery but overall the process to order online remains the same.


Here’re the minimum you will need to order groceries online:

  • A computer, laptop or a phone
  • Internet connection
  • Credit or debit car
  • Services like MCB Juice