Waterfalls in Mauritius

The Impressive and Spectacular Waterfalls of Mauritius!

Overview of Waterfalls in Mauritius

Exil Waterfalls In Mauritius

The Exil Waterfalls is one of those places in Mauritius which offer a beautiful natural sight and help to soothe your brain and soul. This waterfall is surrounded by a tropical forest which is a habitat to many wild animals and also some native plant species. It is an ideal waterfall for adventure lovers who can engage in a number of activities like abseiling, hiking, jumping, swimming and so forth. To note, this waterfall is located in the South of Mauritius.


Eureka Falls In Mauritius

The Eureka Falls is situated within the vicinity of the colonial Eureka Mansion in Moka. This historical area has a rich variety of flora and fauna which adds more to the exciting experience. It is home to aquatic plants and endemic species which can be found when taking a stroll in the garden. In order to reach the waterfalls though, it may rather challenging as there is a steep path. However, once there, it is a great place to relax in the luxuriant green setting.

Tamarind Falls in Mauritius

Tamarind Falls, which is also known as “ Sept Cascades” is one of the most enchanting attractions to visit while you are holidaying in Mauritius. These falls offer several opportunities like canoeing, climbing and hiking. In addition to that, the hike at the Tamarind Falls offers a spectacular view of the beauty of Mauritius. With each fall, you will have the opportunity to appreciate a one of a kind landscape. Also, behind the astounding waterfall you can see the daylight being reflected through, which makes for quite a sight.

Rochester Falls in Mauritius

Rochester Falls, located in the Savanne district of Mauritius is set in a sheltered, natural and lush green neighborhood. Therefore, you will get to witness the amazing landscape, falling waterfalls, pools of crystal clear water and rich greeneries. The Rochester Falls is one of the famous attractions which allows you to partake in a number of activities such as swimming, climbing and for the daring, jumping into the water from the trees above. For the less adventurous, you can simply listen to the sounds of the water and relax in this tranquil atmosphere.

Grand River South East Waterfall in Mauritius

Besides Ile aux Cerfs, the second most popular attraction on the south-east coast of Mauritius is the Grand River South East waterfall. There are several boats, on a daily basis that offer a trip along the coast and upstream the Grand River, where you can get an incredible view of the falls. The waterfall is surrounded by dense vegetation, and you may come across some curious, but friendly monkey who won’t mind being fed or hoping on the boat for a ride.

Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius

The Chamarel Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Mauritius. It is situated at the village of Chamarel, in the south-west of the island. Chamarel is a unique village area, and besides the Chamarel Waterfall, it also has a number of different tourist attractions like the Seven Coloured Earth and the Black River Gorges National Park. This place will definitely take your breath away when you get to witness the waterfall, surrounded by the lush green forests and mountains, in a picturesque backdrop. In addition to being a wonderful sight, the waterfalls also offers a number of activities for adventure enthusiasts, such as hiking and swimming in the shallows.


Alexandra Falls in Mauritius

Alexandra Falls is located in the popular park, the Black River Gorges National Park. This waterfall can be accessed enroute to Plaine Champagne and also while heading towards Grand Bassin. You can spend a tranquil moment in the surrounding green valley which is also home to some endemic avian species and flora. While there, you may also get the chance to enjoy some ripened ‘goyave de chine’ at Plaine Champagne.