Fun and Thrilling Activities to do in Mauritius

Must-Do Activities in Mauritius – Overview

If you are looking for the ultimate travel experience with some fun and thrilling activities to do on a paradise island like Mauritius, then you have come to the right place! Located in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean, this tiny island offers more than you can imagine.

The genesis of the island is founded upon volcanoes which are either extinct or dormant for many years. They have given birth to magnificent craters, rugged canyons, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, valleys and caves where the geological wealth is still protected. With these unspoilt geological features you are pampered by an enormous list of exciting and fun activities.


There are an eclectic range of hair-raising and heart-throbbing activities scattered throughout the island. This is a way to build a fun yet strong relationship with your special one, friends or family, on a real adventurous trip! Whether you wish to jump 10 000 ft from a plane, or feel the bumpy ride of a tube ride on the sea or go down deep the ocean for an underwater scooter ride, you name it!

We have compiled a list of some really thrilling and fun activities to do while you are on vacation in Mauritius. So get ready to experience Mauritius by land, sea, and air in the most adventurous way!

List of Fun and Thrilling Activities in Mauritius


Airborne Activities in Mauritius

Tandem Skydiving

Your once in a lifetime experience in Mauritius!

If you are a real enthusiast of heart pumping activities, craving for an adrenaline rush, then get ready to embrace the excitement and soak in the outstanding scenic views of the northern part of Mauritius through a tandem skydive.


Face your fears by jumping straight from a plane- a tandem freefall from 10,000 feet while experiencing high speed, impetuosity, adrenaline bursts, an absolute free-fall thrilling experience and breathtaking views over the turquoise-blue Indian Ocean- which is simply beyond comparison. You will have a complete 360º bird’s eye view of Mauritius’ awesome coastal, inland and mountain scenery.

You will be accompanied by a team of highly trained professionals in the domain, to offer you an unimaginable experience that is worth each second. Upon reaching 10,000 feet, the aircraft door will open, and you will get to tandem skydive, while harnessed to an experienced qualified instructor.

Then, in the open air you will experience flying – free falling for about a minute reaching a speed of 200 km/hour, before the instructor will open the canopy and you will get to glide down for about 5 minutes, seeing the beautiful surroundings on your way down until a safe landing.

The take off is done from the lush green sugarcane fields of Mon Loisir, the only skydiving drop zone in Mauritius.

So if you are ready to float in the air and experience an indescribable sense of boundless happiness and freedom, then add the tandem skydive on your bucket list while holidaying in Mauritius.

Seaplane Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable seaplane tour while holidaying in Mauritius with some incredible moments of island exploration. Get stunning views through this marvelous aerial tour that captures the essence of the blissful, unspoilt land and seascapes of Mauritius.

This is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the bird-eye views of the turquoise lagoon, sandy shoreline, geometric patches of sugar cane fields and scenic geological features. Enjoy the take off from the lagoon and get ready for a tour across the island. One of the most desirable spots are the South-Western and Northern parts of Mauritius.

The thrilling sensation of the seaplane tour can be felt while flying 4500 feet over the mountains where you can be mesmerized by the pristine beauty of the lush side of Mauritius. Contemplate on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Le Morne Mountain, the crystal clear turquoise ocean, glistening shorelines, and the blue sky-altogether providing a moment of awe that you can be sure to capture through pictures.

On the Northern side of the island you will have the chance to marvel at the tiny isolated islets such as Coin de Mire, Ile Plat and Ile aux Gabriel. The seascape becomes really spectacular when you witness the glorious sunset.

Parasailing Adventure


Parasailing is the ideal excursion for those looking for a special sea-air activity. Parasailing offers you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the beautiful lagoon and coastlines of Mauritius, making it one of the best things to do during your holiday in Mauritius.

Adventurers will be suspended high up in the air for some 10 minutes where you will have the chance to see the magnificent beauty of the glistening azure sea, along with far away islets and mountains, depending on your location.

The feeling of going up in the air is simply amazing.

The parasailing activity begins with a short safety briefing followed by a speed boat transfer to the launch platform.

Upon arrival, you will be connected with a secured, certified harness to the parasail.Only after the ground assistants have checked the rig and the flight harness will they signal the boat driver to start the engine and gradually accelerate the boat. You will slowly take off from the launch pad and enjoy a breath-taking parasail flight above the beautiful lagoon.

Helicopter Tour

From its majestic mountain peaks, volcanic craters, lush green forests, glistening turquoise-blue oceans and white sandy beaches to the enchanting and phenomenal underwater waterfall -Mauritius has it all!

Mauritius, being of a volcanic origin has so many natural wonders to offer; from the remnants of its old volcanoes to its plateaus, plains, calderas, magnificent reliefs, canyons, and many other spectacular geological features. Besides the breathtaking turquoise-blue ocean and white sandy beaches, discover a whole new world of panoramic, scenic landscapes teeming with life.


Another exciting way to explore the island is by choosing some theme based helicopter sightseeing tours. This is a fun way to feast your eyes on the enchanting sights of picturesque land and seascapes.

The helicopter sightseeing tours range between 15 to 60 minutes flight time. The tours can cater for up to 6 people who wish to explore the awe-inspiring views of the tropical island. You generally have different tours such as exploring the coastline & islets tours, mountain peaks, cities and waterfalls.

Sea-Based Activities

Tube Ride

The tube ride is among the most fun and exhilarating sea activities to do in the Eastern Coast of Mauritius, precisely at the very well-known Ile aux Cerfs Island.

If you are craving for some serious fun, bouncing on the waves, cruising through the crystal clear lagoons while being attached to a speed boat, then this is for you!

You will enjoy a 100% fun activity with your friends for an absolutely mind-blowing, bumpy fun ride.

You have the option to choose from a selection of different models, such as single, twin, triple, kneeling or laying water tubes, each offering a different tube ride experience.

You will be seated in a pneumatic tube which will be pulled by the speed boat through the waters of the Belle Mare beach.

All you have to do is hold the two handles at the sides of the tube, while enjoying an exhilarating ride.

Underwater Scooter Cruiser

Ride an underwater scooter cruiser to explore the magnificent rich marine life of Mauritius. Discover the vibrant and colourful corals while encountering a variety of fish species that include Damselfish, Surgeonfish, Butterflyfish, juvenile Sailfin tangs, as well as tiny Pipefish and large Trumpet fish- an ideal way to observe the diverse marine life.

The scooter cruiser is a cross between a scooter and a midget submarine, which will provide you with an awesome underwater experience. You will be seated on your own individual Scooter Cruiser, with your head and shoulders within a clear dome. Your air supply will constantly be replenished from a scuba tank, which will enable you to breathe normally.


This diving vehicle can get to a maximum depth of 10 meters. You will be certainly accompanied by fully qualified PADI Dive Instructor and additional qualified divers who are there to assist. The dive depths are controlled by the use of an attached buoy, thus preventing damage to the diver and the coral.

The Scooter Cruiser is quick, easy, safe and fun. Suitable for almost all, from the age of 8 years old and up!

Undersea Walk

Have you ever wondered about walking undersea while contemplating the vibrant marine life, without even knowing how to dive? Well, this is absolutely possible with the undersea walk in Mauritius!


Experience the ultimate sensation where breathing underwater becomes possible, safe and easy. This fun activity will allow you to actually walk on the ocean bed (about 3-4 meters deep), and witness firsthand the magnificent marine life of Mauritius, the beautiful coral and a wide variety of fish, all in their natural habitat. Qualified experienced guides will accompany you along the course of the Underwater Sea Walk.

What is amazing is the fact that the Underwater Sea Walk does not require any knowledge of swimming or diving and you are not even required to remove your eyeglasses. So how does it work? A helmet with a transparent visor is placed on your head. A special apparatus allows normal breathing under the water.

Lifeguards assist in taking you underwater and accompany you throughout the walk to guarantee your maximum safety. Once there you will experience the undersea world from up close and will enjoy walking on the ocean floor which feels like walking on the moon.

Kitesurf in Mauritius

Kitesurf is another interesting and fun water activity to do in Mauritius while you are on vacation. It is widely practiced by tourists and kite surfers coming from different parts of the world. The island offers several impeccable kitesurfing locations, mostly on the Eastern Coast of Mauritius where you can experience the Southeast Trade Winds especially during the winter months (May-October).

Places such as Bel Ombre, Palmar, and Poste de Flacq are ideal spots for kitesurfing. The Bel Ombre area is suitable for beginners, advanced kitesurfers and professionals. It is also ideal for freestyle, waves and events. Even those who are not into kitesurfing will get their fair share of entertainment.

Another spot to consider is Palmar where you can get white beaches and a turquoise lagoon. The place offers side-onshore conditions for freestylers and also has very good conditions for newcomers.

Additionally, there are some other fantastic places on the West Coast of Mauritius such as Tamarin and Le Morne. These places have incredibly reliable wind, perfect flat water, kitesurfing lagoons with world class waves and stunning luxury hotels at affordable prices. The reason being that the windy season coincides with the low season hotel prices as the bigger tourist market want to avoid the wind. Therefore, as kitesurfers you get the best of both worlds; amazing wind and the cheapest prices.

Seabob Adventure

Dive into a new dimension of the fascinating underwater world with the exciting and fun seabob adventure in Mauritius. Needless to say about the amount of an adrenaline rush that you will experience! The seabob has a hydrodynamic shape which provides for an astounding degree of agility in the water. All you need to do is to shift your bodyweight while cruising, or zipping through the water, and the seabob will glide along powerfully with you aboard.

The dynamism of the seabob jet develops its special appeal under the water. The watercraft can be steered down into the depths simply by applying light pressure. You will have impressive diving depths of up to 40 metres that can be programmed to suit individual requirements via the on-board electronics. A safety cut-off feature reliably ensures that the selected diving depth is not exceeded. Seabob is completely environmentally friendly when in its element. It zooms powerfully and almost silently through the water in perfect harmony.

Flyboard Adventure

If you are craving an upsurge of excitement and fun, where you can fly and dive at the same time in the crystal clear waters of Mauritius, then you will have to definitely try the flyboard adventure. The flyboard is a hydroflight device which supplies propulsion to drive the flyboard into the air.

The flyboard rider needs to stand on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 m (49 ft) in the air or to dive headlong through the water down to 2.5 m (8 ft).


Through the innovative flyboard you are sure to have an action-packed, exciting adventure.

With the experts in hand, you will quickly and easily learn how to maneuver the flyboard and after some practice you can fly and dive your way through the water and air.

You can decide about how soft and low or how sportive and high you want to fly.

You might even get to practice some tricks or simple stunts.

Just imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the clear waters and fly up seemingly without gravity, where you will get to witness the glorious beauty of the seascapes.

You can enjoy this extraordinary feeling of flying without learning it on your own, when you choose to fly in Tandem with your experienced flight instructor. With this amazing activity, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience!

Big Game Fishing

Amidst the vast ocean, Mauritius is a fishing paradise surrounded by an amazing coral reef, which has attracted many tourists around the world.

The glorious sunshine, warmth above water and the deep-sea nutrients combine together to create perfect conditions for big game fishing.

The volcanic island is surrounded by a steep drop of around 3,000 metres in the continental shelf, where the ocean currents push cold water full of nutrients to the surface attracting a rich variety of marine life, which in turn attracts the large predators.

Thus, deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean is extremely accessible, and even a short trip can put you in a spot to catch the fish of a lifetime.

Fishing trips mainly involve trolling with a variety of live and artificial bait for Black and Blue Marlins, Dorados, Sharks, Tunas, Bonitos, Wahoos, Barracudas and more, depending on the season. The biggest fish tend to be around in the warmer season from November to April, making this a great place to get some winter sun and go fishing, although there are a variety of great species around all year round.

There are several amazing places all around the island but probably the richest waters lie off the west coast around Black River. Here the famous Le Morne drop off, with depths of around 3,000 metres, lies just 5km offshore. In the north of the island, Grand Baie is also a popular starting point for many deep sea fishing excursions with the waters to the north teeming with rich marine life.

Fishing trips to the less exploited eastern side of Mauritius guarantee empty oceans and splendid unspoilt views for those who prefer to try their luck off the beaten track.

Catamaran Cruises

The catamaran cruises in Mauritius provide a fun way to spend your holiday in Mauritius. So if you would prefer all the fun of the vast ocean with some live entertainment, a delicious BBQ lunch, and a wide range of drinks to choose from while sailing to the virgin islets of Mauritius, then catamaran cruises are just for you.

In Mauritius, you have a range of catamaran cruises in different locations where you can spend some leisure time with friends and family. There are islets cruises such as Ile aux Cerfs, Ile aux Gabriel, Flat Island, and Ile aux Benitiers where you can swim in calm waters, snorkel with colorful reef fish, soak up the glorious sun rays or simply relax.

Another exciting spot is the Grand River South East river, where you will see the lush vegetation that lies on either side of the river’s banks and where you might get a chance to spot monkeys and bats on the tree tops before reaching the waterfalls.

Land Based Activities

Fun Drive Off-Road


Ride on-board the high performance Side By Side Vehicle (SSV) on rugged terrains in the north of Mauritius, and you will definitely love the thrilling and sensational adventure during your holiday.

This is an ultimate speed thrill where you get the chance to explore the rustic side of Mauritius on off-beaten tracks.

Enjoy a crazily fun ride, where you will be able to reach a speed of over 100kph with a professional Pro pilot.

Or drive solo, where you can drive up and down on rough terrains and spin around in doughnuts.

You can to choose the duration of your thrilling adventure.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking in the wild nature is a fantastic way to explore the verdant side of Mauritius. Have a fun time with your friends and families at your preferred location such as at the vast and outstanding ‘Vallée des Couleurs’ nature reserve- home to the unique 23 coloured earth, or at the ‘Domaine de L’Etoile’ reserve- a 2,000 hectare area of green hills, ponds, and rivers. There are many other likeable unspoilt places across the island.

This kind of activity promises to be full of excitement as you will ride through the muddy banks, cool rivers and steep dirt trails in the midst of a lush green environment, far from crowds.


The quad excursion starts with an initial training on manoeuvring the quad bike, so you are sure to ride with maximum confidence and ease. You will also be accompanied in a group led by experienced guides.

With the quad biking trip you will definitely enjoy remarkable views with many valleys, mountains and waterfalls, tucked away from the hustle of everyday life. With some luck, you would also get to see stags in their natural habitat at the hills besides the quad biking trail.



Mauritius has bountiful places where you can try canyoning with professionals.

Canyoning is an activity in nature that takes you to stunning beautiful places.

This outdoor sport consists of hiking along rivers, swimming and jumping in rivers & ponds and rappelling down rock faces through waterfalls.

This is the ideal excursion for those seeking more adrenalin and thrill. It will challenge you to abseil down the waterfalls by using nature’s watercourses and canyoning gear including climbing hardware, static ropes, helmets, wetsuits, packs, and rope bags. Test your physical strength through this fun activity, deep in the verdant nature of Mauritius.