Family Activities In Mauritius


Spending some quality time with your family on an island sounds exciting- you can combine the perfect mix of sun, sports and family fun! So when it comes to planning a family vacation you can get pretty stressed while looking for the ideal family activities. If you are looking for a place where your entire family can bond while swimming in the turquoise blue water, sunbathing on the white sandy beach, discovering the beautiful marine life and doing thrilling activities, then Mauritius should be your next holiday destination.

Mauritius is in itself a prime destination where you can enjoy the all-year-round summer weather, exotic gardens with colourful flowers, beaches fringed with palm trees, azure lagoons, and world class hospitality. Besides these wonderful features, the island is home to exciting activities in the wild and verdant nature.

Being of a volcanic origin, Mauritius is founded upon volcanoes which are either extinct or dormant for many years. They have given birth to magnificent craters, rugged canyons, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, valleys and caves where the geological wealth is still protected. With these unspoilt geological features you are pampered by an enormous list of exciting, fun and family-friendly activities.

Casela World of Adventure

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A must visit place for families with children! The Casela-World of Adventures is a 14 hectare nature park with fun and entertaining, adrenaline-packed activities. Besides being a zoo of big cats, giraffes, rhinos, exotic bird species and African mammals, you will have the chance to indulge in seriously fun activities like mud karting, ziplines, quad biking, a Nepalese bridge, canyoning, pony rides, Tilapia fishing, toboggan rides, a petting farm for kids, and the list goes on.

Casela forms part of the Yemen Reserve. This wonderful reserve hosts two of the longest rivers on the island – Rivière du Rempart and Tamarin River. It is also a haven of Java deer, wild boars, hares, macaque monkeys, mongoose and fruit bats, as well as to ebony, cassias, tamarind and pink pepper plants-an amazing display indeed!

As a family you will have a wide range of choices to choose from; while the adults can partake in extreme adventure activities, the kids on the other hand, can enjoy feeding animals like Giraffes and Lorikeets.

The park is divided into thematic units or kingdoms as below:

  • Safari Kingdom: Safari Quad Biking, photo-safari, dedicated area for big cats and suitable for safari and interaction with giraffes.
  • Nature Kingdom: Bird Park, Canopy Park, Animal show.
  • Mountain Kingdom: Canyoning, Via Ferrata, zip lines, climbing wall.
  • Water Kingdom: Wave pool, toboggan slide (children and adults), a lagoon and an artificial river.
  • Discovery Centre: 4D cinema, discovery of natural science and history of Mauritius through giant 3D Maps.

Crocodile Park-La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes

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Come and discover the world of amazing reptilians! With awe-inspiring animals, spectacular aquarium life, a fun children’s corner, insectariums and a museum, La Vanille Reserve is a great place for families. The crocodile park of Mauritius is home to the second largest crocodilian and one of the largest tortoises in the world!

Ideal for a family visit, the nature park is a picturesque and idyllic nature reserve located at Riviere des Anguilles in the south of the island. This nature park extends across 3.5 hectares, full of luxuriant vegetation consisting of beautiful palm trees, banana plants, giant bamboo trees and other gorgeous shrubs- reflecting a tropical rainforest setting.

It is a sanctuary for a variety of animal species such as the Nile crocodiles, tortoises, monkeys, iguanas, bats, deer, geckos, eels, wild boars, and an amazing collection of insects. These animals and insects come from the Mascarene islands and other southern Indian Ocean islands, including Rodrigues, Reunion and Mauritius.

You will have the chance to encounter 1,500 Nile Crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) which are bred and reared in the park. These crocodiles are all offspring brought from Madagascar to Mauritius in 1985. You can see crocodiles in their different stages of growth, from the young in the nursery through to fully grown adults weighing 500 kg or more. Enjoy a unique moment with the baby crocodiles and take some amazing pictures!

The park is also the world’s largest captive breeding centre for giant Aldabra tortoises (Geochelone gigantea) and also breeds the smaller Radiata tortoises (Astrochelys Radiata) with over 500 tortoises of all ages in the reserve.

You will have the chance to visit the insectarium which houses one of the most extensive private insect collections in the world, with more than 23,000 species of impressive coloured and patterned butterflies, beetles, moths and other insects.

L’Aventure Du Sucre

L’Aventure du Sucre is an old sugar factory which has been converted into a museum where you will have the unique chance to learn about the history of Mauritius and its sugarcane plantation dating back to the Dutch, French and British periods.

The sugar museum beautifully nestles in the remote area of the popular Pamplemousses village, which is also known for its enchanting, historical botanical garden, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden.

This visit is worth being spent with family members and children, where they can all learn about the Mauritian sugar history and culture. During the visit you will have the opportunity to watch evocative films from the early years before discovering all there is to know about the sugar industry in Mauritius. Normally, it takes about two hours to complete the tour and it eventually ends with a tasting session of the different sugars and Mauritian rum.

The tour is laid out in such a way that you feel like you are walking through the history of Mauritius, starting with the discovery of the island, the early settlements, the slave trade, the arrival of the indentured labourers, life on the colony and the independence of Mauritius, followed by its recent history.

The museum also covers the sugar production process and its resulting products. You will even take a walk and view the machines used in extracting cane sugar from the fields to the mills; the clarifiers, the evaporators, vacuum pans, crystallizers, centrifuges and even the chemistry
lab. All along you will be reading and seeing how sugar transforms from cane to the many sugars we know and consume. This is truly the single most informative activity you can do when in Mauritius as it really covers everything.

Children are guided by the museum’s two mascots: Floryse the Mongoose and Raj the Indian Mynah, who will entertain them with stories, field any questions, and test their knowledge with a short quiz, rewarding correct answers with a quick toot-toot on the old steam train.

Visitors will get to sample the different types of unrefined sugars. If you love baking, you will love the rich flavours of these sugars, which are so much more delicious than the regular ones. For the adults, the tour ends with a complimentary rum tasting. There are various sugar rums, spiced & aged rums and even flavoured rums available- the vanilla and coffee flavoured liqueurs are highly recommended.

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L’Aventure Du Sucre Visit Plan:

  • A taste of sugar
  • The historical wing, beneath the old factory chimney
  • The sugar process: from cane to juice
  • The technology stands
  • The sugarcane stands
  • The sugar and rum routes
  • The children’s area
  • Temporary exhibition space
  • The auditorium & meeting room
  • Le Village Boutik
  • The Isle de France cellars

Mauritius Aquarium

Ideal for children, the Mauritius Aquarium offers you an authentic experience of marine discovery! Situated in the North West of Mauritius, the aquarium is home to a number of marine life including sharks, giant moray eels, the crown squirrelfish, clown fish, butterfly fish, lobsters, crabs and sea turtles.

Walk through the five, well laid out buildings of the aquarium and discover the rich aquatic life which inhabits the crystal-clear waters of the Mauritian lagoon. The aquarium offers you the possibility of witnessing the fish feeding sessions which take place daily at 11h00 and 15h00. This is also an opportunity for you to have an extraordinary experience where you will get to see sharks and sea turtles being fed by hand, within an arm’s reach.

The aquarium has adopted an ecologically-friendly system, known as a closed system, which involves the treatment and recycling of seawater in the circuit linking the tanks, thus minimizing the environmental impact of their operations.

The complex includes the quaint ‘Coral Café’, and a well-appointed Gift Shop, all of which contributes to making a visit to the Mauritius Aquarium, not only a most pleasant and relaxing experience, but also a unique one.

The aquarium is great place for kids to visit and learn about the lovely aquatic creatures and tropical fish that reside in our lagoon. There is also a special touch pool for children to experience direct contact with some of the species in the aquarium. It is a fun way to spend quality time with the family while ensuring that the children enjoy themselves!

Curious Corner of Chamarel

If you wish to experience an illusory world that will not only fascinate you but also entertains you, then you should visit the Curious Corner of Chamarel for a fun packed day. Curious Corner is located just opposite the Seven Colored Earth Entrance in the Chamarel village, on a winding hilly road in the South-west of Mauritius.

The curious corner was passionately constructed by creative professionals with the idea to surprise the curious minds of their visitors. It is mostly visited by families with children where you will experience fun packed illusions with adventures, along with mind games, and activities suitable for curious people of all ages.

As soon as you walk in, you would be physically challenged with the conundrums and artifices, set to get your straight forward thinking a shake. It is a fascinating, fun and social excursion taking you into the wonderful world of optical illusions, which will leave you quite literally, not believing your eyes! So be sure to allow at least an hour and a half to experience the whole adventure.

Some of the attractions at Curious Corner are guaranteed to give your mind a wobble.


By surrounding your pathways with mirrors you see infinite reflections, impossible corridors and mind-bending light effects. The 200 mirrors will justly enable you to find your way in and out of the maze!


The Ames room appears to be a cubic room where 2 people standing in the same room appear much bigger or smaller than the other one.
A picture- perfect moment with your partner to show who is really the bigger one, literally!


Has the thought of living upside down ever crossed your mind? Then, this is the place for your thoughts to be put into practice. You can attempt to defy gravity and Newton’s law for that matter and may even end up saying it could all just be a myth.

Just don’t let Newton hear you saying that!


Try out your musical aspirations whilst playing your favorite jingle with the laser beams. You might surprise yourself and others with how tunefully good or bad you are!


Dodoquest is all about fun, entertainment and adventures! Here you will experience the thrill of a real game situation consisting of adventures, amusements, entertainment, and mind boggling puzzles to solve. It is an escape quest inspired by unique scenarios of Mauritian colonial history, offering you an extraordinary experience to teleport you into the past! You will be placed in a game situation under a themed room, which has authentic design, with dramatic sound effects, interactive objects and special smells to give you a realistic sensation.

With Dodoquest, you will not only have a fun and exciting time but you will get to discover the colonial history of Mauritius and nature. All you need is 59 minutes to find objects, solve puzzles, and unlock all the locks to set you free. Bring your family to enjoy an incredible adventure in Mauritius. Use your logic, tactics, and strategies to find the exit and complete the ultimate challenge!

Theme Based Rooms

Dodoquest Room 1: Adventurer’s Cabinet

Choose the Room 1: Adventurer’s Cabinet to discover the mystery of Pierre Poivre. Renowned for the creation of the botanical garden at Pamplemousses, Pierre Poivre was a horticulturist, a traveller and a memorable personality in Mauritian history. His life’s goal was to find valuable oriental spices for his unique plantation on Île-de-France (the old name of Mauritius).

Teleport back to 18th century Mauritius and experience the colonial period. You are part of Pierre’s closest team. Your goal is to find the “gold” nut, carefully hidden in Pierre Poivre’s office and to plant it, so as to start his historic plantation! But hurry up – in one hour the nut will dry up completely and you will fail your mission!

Dodoquest Room 2: Prison Break

Do real handcuffs, real prisoner’s suits and real feeling tempt you?

You and your friends are unjustly sentenced and locked away in a prison cell. According to prison legend, three prisoners managed to successfully escape from the cell by fooling the guards. How they managed it is a mystery that the jailers never solved.

Maybe, you will have more luck? Your guards are absent and the new shift starts in one hour. You have little time to discover their secret and slip away!

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Dodoquest Room 3: Hunter’s Hut

Here you will meet the dreadful hunter with a gun, an old hut in the dense forest, bird cages, surrounding sounds, hidden electronic devices, and the last dodo!

While looking for the long lost Dodo, you stumble across a strange hunter’s hut in the forest. Your intuition is right – this hunter is creepy. Judging from the inside of the hut, he was obsessed with birds and had a blood lust to kill every last one of them!

Free the caged birds, find the last and only Dodo egg and don’t forget that it is not long until sunset. You have little time left before the hunter returns… with his gun.

Game Rules and Regulation:

Just as any game you have certain rules to follow. These are some important things that you should know before the doors behind you close:

  • You have to come in 20 minutes before the game, to get instructions and be prepared to play.
  • If you don’t complete the game in 59 minutes, the game will be considered not done. But it does not mean you have to stay there; the doors will be opened automatically.

Ile Aux Aigrettes Island Tour

If your kids love wildlife then you must certainly go for an island tour on the Southern Coast of Mauritius. Ile aux Aigrettes is a tiny coral island (26 hectares) which is a nature reserve and sanctuary of exotic and indigenous species, under the supervision of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The island is a natural museum and home to many endemic and native animal and plant species. Its flora is mainly composed of coastal ebony forest and strand scrub vegetation.

There are 97 known introduced plant species on the island, and 28 are considered as major weeds. Pink Pigeons, Mauritius Fodies and Mauritius Olive White-eyes have also been reintroduced, along with the Aldabra Giant Tortoises (to replace the extinct giant tortoise species once found here). The beautiful endemic Ornate Day Gecko, Phelsuma Ornata still occupies the island naturally. Captive Mauritian Fruit Bats can also be viewed on the island for educational and awareness purposes. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation solely manages and conducts tours.

The usual tours take between 1½ and 2 hours and start from Pointe Jérome. Longer ‘eco tours’ of 2 to 2½ hours are also available. These allow you more time on the island and let you meet some members of the scientific teams working there. Tours involve a good deal of walking; so wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat, sunscreen and water. At the end of the tour you can visit a small museum and shop.

Tea Route- Bois Chéri

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Experience a little of the historical and cultural side of Mauritius by visiting the famous tea route at Bois Chéri-the first tea plantation dating back to 1892. The location offers great panoramic views of the south of the island.

A guide will lead you through the factory and the tea plantation, allowing you to discover the history, stories and tales of Bois Chéri and the importance of tea productions in Mauritius. After the guided tour of the tea factory, you will visit the tea production museum learning more about the history of tea in Mauritius. The guide will explain the various different stages of production, from harvest and fermentation to drying, sieving and packaging.

Today Bois Chéri produces a new range of flavored teas, green teas and herbal teas. Spend a few minutes on the wooden terrace at the chalet with a cup of tea in hand and gaze down to the small lake, surrounded by century-old trees and shrubs.

For lunch you can visit the Bois Cheri restaurant where you can enjoy one of the young chef’s more revolutionary creations, like the black tea tiger prawns; a delectable bisque made with tea, finely chopped onions, butter and parsley, all simmered in fresh cream and drizzled over perfectly grilled prawns.

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park is one of the most famous and unique attractions of the island which fascinates the locals and tourists. Nature lovers and families are bound to love Vallée des Couleurs as it offers a unique experience with the indigenous fauna and flora alongside various fun activities and excursions, suitable for all ages. Visitors are treated with a range of natural landscapes, including plateaus, mountains, valleys, craters and crater-lakes

You can indulge in fun activities such as zip lines and quad biking with your family while visiting this tourist attraction. This is a great opportunity to unveil the true beauty of this remarkable nature reserve, as you fly like birds from the tree tops and ride the longest zip lines in Mauritius. You can choose from a selection of amazing zip line packages – 1 Line (500m), 4 Lines (1.3km, including 500m line) and the Super Longest Line (1.5km), all accompanied by professional guides. In addition, if you wish to explore nature, opt for the quad bike which can last for 1 to 2 hours on a single/double quad or a buggy. You will have experienced guides by your side during the duration of the trip. This is your chance to ride through one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Mauritius.