Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

About Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

Deep sea fishing in Mauritius is an exciting and gripping attraction that you shouldn’t miss out on, if you’re an avid fisher or simply want to experience the thrill of reeling in a big catch.

Mauritius is the perfect place for deep sea fishing, where the warm, tropical waters are home to several species of fish. Prepare to battle some of the fiercest saltwater predators including the prized marlin- one of the pinnacles of the game fishing sport.

This activity is open to all- no experience is needed so even amateurs can partake and enjoy this exciting excursion. Deep sea excursions are carried out by highly experienced and qualified personnel. You don’t have to really worry about all the technicalities until it is time to reel your catch in.

Fishing in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for being one the best fishing destinations worldwide. Its optimum location, perfect sea conditions and weather, make it a hub for several migratory-fish species. The sheltered reefs attract plenty of small fish and squid which in turn attract larger, predatory fish including barracuda, sailfish, tuna and giant marlins, among many others.

The island holds and has previously held several world fishing records, endorsed by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), including that of a 1115-pound Mako Shark and a 400-pound Blue Shark. The Mauritian record for a Pacific Blue Marlin is at 1355 pounds- just a few pounds short of the world record and leaving plenty of room for a new one to be set. The famed Blue Marlin’s enormous size and legendary fighting ability makes it one of the most highly targeted gamefish in the world.

Types of Deep Sea Fish in Mauritius

  • Barracuda – one of the greatest predators of the sea, this fish can be found near the reef. It can be caught all year round.
  • Black Marlin – strong and remarkably fast, this first-rate game fish swims at great depths. Can be caught all year round, winter months being more favourable.
  • Blue Marlin – appropriately titled the King of game fishing, the blue marlin puts on quite a fight. These huge fish are in season throughout the year, November to April being the best.
  • Dogtooth tuna – found more often near the reefs than in open ocean. Biggest Mauritian fish caught a few pounds short of a world record. In season during the summer months.
  • Dorado – also known as the mahi-mahi, the dorado is a popular game fish which makes for a fun and beautiful catch. This colourful fish is in season from April – September.
  • Hammerhead Shark – can be found during the entire year, with the best months for fishing being August and September. The local record for the largest hammerhead shark is 693 lbs.
  • Mackerel Bonito – a fast swimming predatory fish available throughout the year but is more abundant in summer, from December to February. The weight varies from 2 to 20 pounds.
  • Mako Shark – a dangerous and aggressive fighter, Mauritius holds the record for the largest Mako Shark caught at 1115 pounds. Can be all year round, summer months being best.
  • Sailfish – popular game fish known as one of the fastest fish in the sea reaching speeds of up to 110 km/h. Best season is during December – February.
  • Skipjack tuna – plentiful in the region, this fish is one of the strongest fighting fish. Can be found throughout the year, winter months being best.
  • Spearfish – an aggressive fish that can weigh between 30- 60 pounds and does not usually grow beyond 2m. Best caught in the summer months, December to February.
  • Tiger shark – known for being a great fighter, the Mauritian record for this fish stands at 1218 pounds. Can be found during February and March.
  • Wahoo – an aggressive fish from the barracuda family, known for its sharp teeth and rapid speeds. It can be caught year round with September – December being ideal.
  • Whitefin and Black Fin Shark – measuring up to 3m, these sharks can be found near reefs and abundant schools of fish. Can be found throughout the year.
  • Yellowfin Tuna – a very powerful fighting fish that is the most colourful tuna species. Best months for fishing Yellowfin Tuna are March to May.

Best Time for Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

All year round, Mauritius is ideal for deep sea fishing, however It is best to plan any expeditions during the summer months of Mauritius- from October to April when the waters are much warmer and attract a larger variety of fish. If you’re interested in catching the famed Blue Marlin, then the months of December through to March is the best time.

It is also worth checking the moon calendar and phases before going on a fishing trip. When the full moon is out, many fish flock to feed since visibility is high. However this means that any fishing trips carried out the next day will be uneventful as fish have already fed and bait would not attract them.

Best Regions for Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

The north and west regions of the island are considered the ideal fishing spots,with the most prefered spots being off the coast of Black River, where the region’s biggest fishing competitions take place, including the South Indian Ocean Billfish Competitions.

Some fishing expeditions venture to some of the northern Mauritian islet’s such as Coin de Mire, Gabriel Island and Flat Island. And even to remote fishing banks for an overnight cruise to Agalega, St Brandon and Sudan Bank.

Deep Sea Fishing Trips, Excursions and Cruises in Mauritius

Deep Sea Fishing trips depart from various points on the island, but mainly from Grand Bay and Black River. Trips are often done on a private charter but shared cruises are also available, where you can share the cost as a cheaper alternative if you’re on a budget. Otherwise it is best to book a private charter where you will be receive all the personal guidance and your fishing trip can be personalised according your fishing level and preferences.

Vessels are equipped with the latest equipment including GPS and fish finders. Fishing gear onboard include Penn International reels (30, 50, 80, and 130 lbs line test), Fenwick rods, Lures and Konas, Gaffs as well as facilities such as safety equipment, bathroom with toilet and sundeck. Some boats are even equipped with air conditioning.

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