Help the Community combat Coronavirus


Various solidarity funds are being set up around the island to help the less fortunate during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the total lockdown in Mauritius, thousands of Mauritians are without basic necessities. Please donate to combat the Coronavirus and help everyone in Mauritius going through these hard times.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Solidarity Fund

The Government has set up a COVID-19 Solidarity Fund to provide support to the population and the community at large who are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this respect, Government is inviting the private sector and the public at large to contribute to this Fund through the following bank accounts:

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund (SBM)

State Bank of Mauritius Ltd

Account No. 50300000372769

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund (MCB)

Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

Account No. 000 44 761 2007

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund (Absa)

Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited

Account No. 14/2019639

COVID-19 Solidarity Fund (MauBank)

MauBank Ltd

Account No. 102 000028130


Caritas Ile Maurice

Caritas Secours D’Urgence (MCB)

Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

Account No. 000 01 00 18 794

During this worldwide crisis, Caritas Mauritius asks for your solidarity towards families in need. Donations can be made on their website or to the above-mentioned bank account.



Foodwise distribute food to the most vulnerable Families. If you want to help them during the coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown, contact them on