Buses, Taxis, Car Rental in Mauritius

Mauritius Transport System

Buses in Mauritius

Buses are almost everywhere! The buses are not very comfortable, but therefore very cheap: you can reach Port Louis from all spots of the island for not much more than Euro 1!

Time-tables are existing, follow this link to the National Transport Authority. But you will do fine even without a time table, go to the bus stop and wait for the next bus. You shouldn’t wait for long. Don’t hesitate to ask the local people, they are very helpful.

Buses are driving only during daylight! ‘Express’ buses are usually a little more expensive, but they use the direct way and are sometimes equipped with air conditioning.

Taxis in Mauritius

You pay taxis always for both ways. Therefore its cheaper to let a taxi wait than to take a second one home. Just fix the price before departure and pay at the end.

Tip: taxi drivers are good guides. Take a taxi for a full day and let him show you the best places. Just be sure to fix the price in advance to the trip!

Don’t forget: we are driving on the left side of the road. And the way we are driving a lot of people have to get used to it. Signs? Sometimes! Welcome to the adventure!

Be aware: should you give way to a car to cross in front of you, the following cars also try to get through. So take your time breathe deep and relax 😉

Car Rental in Mauritius

Make sure that the person who rents you the car is a registered car dealer. Some might rent you their private cars! Rental cars should have at least a yellow number plate, but this you cannot check thoroughly anymore. All cars should change to those yellow plates sooner or later. If someone wants to rent you a car with an old number plate, black with white writing, then you should be careful.