Top Diving Sites in Mauritius

Overview – About Diving in Mauritius

Scuba Diving is by far, the most exciting, hands-on experience to get in touch with fascinating underwater creatures. Experience all the thrills of the vibrant marine ecosystem, consisting of colourful soft corals and diverse marine species.

Ideally located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking coral reefs and marine life ever to be seen. With hundreds of bright-colored fish, the underwater world can be deemed a natural wonder. It also one of the safest regions to dive, where you can enjoy warm sea temperatures, clear visibility and a vibrant ecosystem all year round.

Both beginners and certified divers are sure to have safe and enjoyable dives in these perfect conditions.

Expect to have amazing encounters in the various diving location located around the island, not forgetting the opportunity to explore some haunting shipwrecks dating back to the 18th and 19th century as well as underwater creeks, caves and caverns.

Some of the dives offered in Mauritius include:

  • Canyon Dives
  • Cave Dives
  • Exploration Dives
  • Lagoon and Coral Garden Dives
  • Night Dives
  • Photo Dives
  • Shark Dives
  • Wreck Dives

Top Diving Area in Mauritius

The island is almost completely surrounded by coral reef, home to an abundance of marine life. This makes sites beyond the coral reef more suitable for scuba diving as opposed to the lagoons- great for swimming and snorkelling but not diving, with the exception of the Balaclava-Turtle Bay Marine Park and Blue Bay Marine Park.


There are 3 big diving zones in Mauritius; the North-West region; from Tombeau Bay to the northern islets around Gunners Coin, the South-West region from Le Morne to Flic-en-Flac, and the South-East region; from Belle Mare to Mahebourg. Popular diving spots for both novice and advanced divers, are off the north and west coasts.

Best Diving Sites in Mauritius

Diving in North and North-West of Mauritius

The north region of Mauritius harbours a number of shipwrecks and artificial reefs, providing an amazing opportunity for diving. Wrecks such as the Stella Maru and Silver Star are not only impressive sights to see but are also teeming with marine life. Nearby the shore, Holt’s Rock also makes for a great diving spot, surrounded by coral, caves and tunnels. Scorpion fish , giant moray eels, barracuda, and angel fish are just a few species that you can encounter in these areas. The Aquarium site near Grand Bay is perfect for beginner divers, offering a depth between 2-3 metres.

Another excellent diving spot is off the north coast, in the surrounding regions of the northern islets such as Coin de Mire, Round Island, Flat Island and Serpent Island. These spots are not visited as often due to their distance from the mainland but are easily accessible through a 1-hour boat ride. These regions are home to a larger species of fish, such as barracudas, marlins and sharks. The Shark Pit, Sleepers Caves and Pigeon House Rock shelter a number of shark species for bold divers.

Diving sites in this region include:

  • Banc Rouge – Round & Serpent Island
  • Hassen Mian Shipwreck
  • Holt’s Rock
  • Lost City
  • Pigeon House Rock – Flat Island
  • Roches Baleines
  • Shark Pit – Flat Island
  • Silver Star Shipwreck
  • Sleepers Cave – Coin de Mire
  • Stella Maru Shipwreck
  • Stenopus Reef
  • The Tube
  • The Wall- Coin de Mire
  • Emily & Water Lily Wreck
  • Whale Rock

Diving in West and South-West of Mauritius

The south-west region is a great place for advanced divers. Dives and excursions take place just outside the barrier reef where there are a number of drop-offs, reefs, walls and wrecks. The best diving spots on this side of the island are found in the Flic en Flac region.

The Cathedral site, just off the west coast, is probably one of the most beautiful places to dive in Mauritius. With a maximum depth of up to 30 metres, the area has sheer drop offs and an enormous underwater cave, home to bigger fish species and crustaceans. The Snake Reef, also known as the Rempart Serpent is another fascinating dive site. It elongated reef serves as a breeding ground for fish, so expect to see hundreds of coloured fish, along with larger predators. Located at a depth of about 40m is the wreck of Kai Sei 113. This artificial reef, which was sunk in the 1980s, is now covered in coral and is home to an interesting number of species, including, lionfish, lobsters, barracudas and other marine life. For divers of all skill levels, Big Rock and the Aquarium are suitable diving sites with a huge variety of coral and marine life.


Diving sites in this region include:

  • Aquarium
  • Bambou
  • Big Rock
  • Canyon
  • Cathedral
  • Caverne Moe
  • Coral Garden
  • Kei Sei 113 Wreck
  • Rempart Canyon
  • Rempart Serpent
  • Saint Gabriel Wreck
  • Tug II Wreck

Diving in the East and South-East of Mauritius

This area of Mauritius is not the most popular region for diving, due to the strong winds, rough seas and colder water temperatures. However, it does have its fair share of diving spots. It’s many channels offer easy access to the open sea and these channels are rich in marine life.

Belle Mare is one of the best diving spots off the east coast. Its lagoon is full of life, where you can spot a variety of fish including larger fish like sharks, rays, tuna and barracuda. La Passe du Puits, offers a drift dive descending into 17 metres, where you will be able to witness shoals of rays and the occasional barracuda or shark.

The Sirius Wreck off Pointe d’Esny, is a historic wreck, where the ship was sunk during the famous naval battle between the British and French in 1810. Located at about 20- 25 metres underwater, it is a great archaeological point of interest, complete with cannons and cannonballs. Roche Zozo and and the Colorado dive site are also points of interest where you can find interesting topography with peaks, caves and tunnels.

Caution should be exercised in this area, as strong currents can be quite exhausting.

Diving sites in this region:

  • Roche Zozo
  • Colorado
  • Sirius Wreck
  • Belle Mare
  • Ile Aux Cerfs
  • La Passe du Puits
  • Blue Bay Marine Park
  • Pointe Maurel
  • Anemone
  • Lobster Cave
  • Pte Wahoo
  • Purple Cave
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