The Advent of Street Art in Port Louis, Mauritius

Street Art

Art is not only confined to galleries but has paved its way out to the streets.

It all started with graffiti on the walls in suburbs and ghettos painted by young rebels. Now, it is no longer regarded as vandalism but as art, namely street art or urban art. With this conversion, walls and buildings are no longer painted by those so-called young rebels but by talented artists. Though it is still a niche in Mauritius, it has indeed created employment where artists with outstanding talents are getting recognized both locally and internationally.

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Mural Art in Port Louis

With the advent of ‘Porlwi By Light’ and following with the second event ‘Porlwi By Nature’, the capital of Mauritius has been metamorphosed into an artistic paradise. Walls, columns and fences are turned into magnificent pieces of artwork, transforming our island into the best canvas. With vivid bursts of colours, some artists also use street art to depict the culture and history of Mauritius. Roaming on such streets is indeed aesthetically pleasing, where one can often get a closer look than in a gallery. It has now turned into a new form of art on the island.

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Local Artists

Gael Froget

Inspired by African Art, the capital of Mauritius welcomed the amazing artwork of Gael Froget- found at the corner of Remy Ollier and Jummah Mosque Street. During the Porlwi by Light festival, Gael sprayed the capital’s walls with his daring street art in collaboration with other artists.

Since his solo exposition in 2013, Gael has gained popularity both locally and internationally as an up-and-coming Mauritian artist. Described as being both controversial and fun, his work often plays with a mixture of pop-art, surrealism and primitive art forms. His work masterfully showcases deeper themes along with some works reminiscent of African masks. Art Vandalism is also another trademark he is known for where he creates unique and often thought-provoking pieces.

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Evan Sohun

At the corner of Edith Cavell and Mère Barthélémy Street, a striking blue wall stood on which cartoon-like figures are portrayed. This amazing artwork is done by none other than the bright and creative artist – Evan Sohun.

Hailing from a background of comic drawing, his works showcase characters and landscapes inspired from his own creativity and his love of the busy city, Port Louis. Introduced to mural art by his friend Gael Froget, Evan creates stunning frescoes along with his signature comic elements. Using a variation of pastels and bold palettes, he loves playing with colours and lines to bring out a busy yet detailed wacky world.

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Brian Lamoureux

Brian Lamoureux’s also contributed to the mural of Port Louis- his white on black designs can be found at the corner of Bourbon and Remy Ollier Street.

Fashion designers, illustrator, and graphic designer, Brian Lamoureux is first and foremost a lover of drawing and painting. Drawings has been a huge passion for him since childhood but, it’s is only recently that he decided to adopt art as his second career. The self-taught artist is passionate about Mauritian heritage and is quite fond of the architectural aspect of old houses and buildings. His iconic black and white mural is hard to miss, where he illustrates two facets of Port Louis- the old city and a futuristic city with skyscrapers surrounded by trees.

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