Mauritius with white beaches, turquoise waters, blue sky and red skin!

Enjoy the 30°C warm water during a walk on one of our nicest beaches.
We love colors, but surely not very much the red on our skin.

Please be careful while sunbathing in Mauritius and make sure to use a cream with the right protection level.

We also recommend shoes to avoid direct contact with corals, sea-urchins or stone-fishes.

Mauritius Beach
West Coast

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne – very nice beach off the main roads. A paradise for kitesurfer, windsurfer and snorkeling. In some parts close the beach the water gets already deep for little children and be also aware that there can be a reasonable current that can push you up north. On the north side of the hotel LUX you find a restaurant. Also further down, after LUX and ST. Regis where the street makes a left bend and where the kitesurfers are, you can buy different snacks and drinks. Tamarin – a nice big beach no lagoon. One of the preferred spaces for surfing. A nice place to learn surfing yourself.


Flic-en-Flac Beach

Flic en Flac (long walks on the beach are possible, good infrastructure, restaurants, shops, bars)

North Coast
Le Morne Beach

Mont Choisy Beach

Mon Choisy (north-west, very big beach, you can see some nice sunsets here and it’s, at least during the week, not so crowded)

Le Morne Beach


Trou aux Biches – long beach with nice blue/green water and wonderful sunsets. Snacks and drinks can be bought near the beach. Length about 3.5 km separated by some black stones. In the southern part of the beach is only in front of the Pointe-aux-Biches hotel a good possibility to take a swim, the rest of the water is pretty stony.

Le Morne Beach

GrandBaie Beach

Grand Baie (small and centrally but in the main bay located) Pereybere (one of the nicest beaches, no stones in the water but very short (crowded at the weekend, good infrastructure with bars and restaurants) Calodyne – a bit hidden but worth to be mentioned. Wide beach in a nice bay. Please prepare something to eat and drink.

East Coast
Le Morne Beach

Belle-mare Beach

Belle Mare (very long beach with sometimes very deep sand – nice extra difficulty when jogging there) Blue Bay – south of Mahebourg and behind the airport (but far enough away from the airport)

Le Morne Beach

Ile-aux-cerfs Beach

Ile aux Cerfs (quite commercial, you reach it through the road that leads to Touessrok hotel, turn right and follow the golf signs – the golf course is also on the island)

South Coast
Le Morne Beach

Bel Ombre Beach

Here are not so much preferred public beaches for swimming, (mostly at the hotels you might have some beach). Bel Ombre for example can be quite muddy. But on the wide grassy beach site you can have some nice walks and enjoy the sun.