Animals in Mauritius

There are no dangerous animals in Mauritius

Deer Mauritius

No poisoning snakes, huge scorpions etc.

But it’s a tropical country – that means we have a lot of small crawling bugs, flying cockroaches etc.


The best police against mosquitoes (no malaria in Mauritius!!!) are the geckos in your room. Don’t worry, they don’t bite you. They eat ants, small spiders etc.

Take some precautions: don’t leave food out, don’t let the light on and the window open and –as the last resort: buy spray!

Phelsuma Cepediana
Phelsuma Cepediana

Also very common: coils (spirals) smoking like hell, no mosquito will enter the room (and after a while you want to leave it as well…) and here are some Pictures from Mauritius Animals.


You can also spot monkeys in Mauritius. Grand Bassin, Chamarel are some of the places where they roam freely. In the Vanilla Crocodile Park you find a big bunch held in a cage if you want to see some for sure.

Should you meet some wild monkeys around the island, stay in a safe distance and leave them alone.Don’t try to feed them. You might not get rid of them and they might hurt you if you don’t keep on feeding them.

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