About Info-Mauritius

The story behind Info-Mauritius:

The story behind Info-Mauritius is that of a group of international friends originally from Germany, France, Israel, Belgium and Britain who decided to create Info-Mauritius in 2003 to share their passion and detailed information about the Island.

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Being foreigners ourselves, we wanted Info-Mauritius to serve as a platform responding to the questions that a foreign traveler or even a foreigner thinking about settling to the island might have. Visitors on the website are offered firsthand, valuable, accurate and updated information on Mauritius.

Info-Mauritius from then to Now:

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Over the years, the website underwent numerous changes since we keep adapting it to the needs of information seekers.

As the number of people visiting the website increased, in a parallel manner Info Mauritius kept flourishing in-term of content, articles and information.

We managed to foster a deep relationship with our regular visitors allowing them to interact by sharing their opinions via the blog and forum.

Today, Info-Mauritius is the most detailed source of information for Mauritius, where you are sure to find all the information you may require to plan your holidays to the island.

Today, Info-Mauritius is the most detailed source of information for Mauritius, where you are sure to find all the information you may require to plan your holidays to the island.

To make it more comprehensive, we are offering you the option to choose your preferred language, be it English, German or French.

You may find it interesting to know that the entire content was written by our own team of keen travelers who enjoy going through the island, discovering its many beautiful spots and unveiling the island’s hidden gems and remarkable nature.

So what would you find on Info-mauritius.com?

Mauritius Guide (Travel Information Guide for Mauritius)

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This is where you are sure to find plenty of information on Mauritius, covering various aspects of the island from fauna and flora to beaches, leisure activities, traveler tips, geography, key sites, places of interest, and much more.

The Mauritius Forum

Looking to learn from other people experiences or possibly share your own holiday experience? Then this is definitely the right place.

The forum, with has over 10,000 active members and features over 100,000 posts, is the most active forum in Mauritius, making it the ideal place to post any questions you might have, discover insights by past travelers or learn from the knowledgeable advises of the forum experts.


Travel Blog

It can be difficult and somewhat overwhelming when visiting a foreign country with so much to see and do. Fortunately, we have an insider’s perspective on all the main sights and top experiences of the island. Find all the information you need for your next getaway to Mauritius with travel tips, excursions and many more!

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Mauritius Weather Center

We know how important the weather is. You can plan your trip to the smallest details but then, a big storm, cyclone or heavy rain can wash all your plans downhill….

This is exactly why we have dedicated all resources in creating the most reliable weather center for the Island of Mauritius From weather forecasts to cyclone warnings, weather seasons guide, weather tracking tools and much more – all for you to plan your holiday with the most relevant weather information.

Now that you know better on the history and story behind Info-Mauritius, we hope that you will enjoy the visit to the website and that the information provided to you will really help you in your holiday planning.

So thank you for visiting our website and being part of Info-Mauritius. We look forward in welcoming you in Mauritius!

Best regards,

The Info Mauritius Team